Fashion Photography and Styling workshop London 23 and 30 september.

Fashion Photography and Styling – Level 1

TO WHOM:  This 1 day workshop is aimed to everyone interested in fashion photography and styling and who would like to expand their fashion portfolio. Basic knowledge of the DSLR and studio lighting is required but not necessary. You will learn about the history of fashion photography, will get an essential fashion reading list, lots of contacts of model agencies, stylists and make up artists and ,moreover, you will shoot your own fashion images. Turn your passion for photography into a job in fashion industry. We made our workshops limited to 10 people only in order to make relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the creative learning.


 - What is fashion photography all about and what is the difference between commercial, editorial, catalogue and fashion photography
 - What is the role of magazines in fashion photography . Learn about very important fashion magazines in UK and around the world ( Each participant will get a reading list and where to buy find it)
- World famous fashion photographers. Find out about the great masters of fashion photography and art-direction and how they influenced fashion photography today. Through slide show you will explore the work of well known photographers and discuss their composition and style.
- What is the role of stylist, make up artist and creative director in fashion photography. Teamwork is a main subject of fashion photography and it is very important to find a great team to work with. Your collaboration will result in your future portfolio. You will get an idea of how to get contacts and how to lead your team.
- What is brainstorm, research and moodborad. We will share the main academic techniques which will help you to speak the professional language of fashion photographer.
- What is fashion styling and where trends come from. How to style shoot yourself - main topics to think about.
 - Models and model agencies. How it works and whats the difference between it.  How to request a model and what is model release. How to get the best girl to work with you  for free. Model tests and payed job. Models for the fashion shoot.
- Equipment necessary for fashion photography and model tests. Props, set-design, accessories - what is that for.
- Planning the fashion shoot. What to do, how to organize and what to do afterwards. Time management.

-  You will explore various techniques used in model testings  and magazine style fashion shoots. Topics include digital cameras and lenses for fashion photography, usage of  light meter and grey card, reflectors, ‘fill in’ flash, beauty dish, soft-boxes, balancing with daylight, and working wirelessly with portable lighting. We will change the lighting scheme several times to emphasize the power of the fashion image construction.
–  You will meet a professional model and a make up artist and we will prepare three different  styling outfits for your shoot. You will learn how to direct poses, how to work with the model and how to use different lighting schemes to be able to produce stunning fashion images.
- You will shoot your own images and will be able to use it in your own fashion photography portfolio. Each participant will have their own time to work with model and to be a main photographer as well as practice skills of the photographer’s assistant.
- Brief introduction to post production process. Essential programs, plugins and tools.

10:00 – 10:15  Arrival at ChelseaPhoto studio ( Introduction and tea.  
10.15 – Theory and slide show presentation
11:30 – Model arrives. Make up instructions
11:25 – Theory and slide show presentation
12:00. – Brain storming, shoot preparation. Creating a Mood board.
13:00 – Lunch Break *
13:00 – Practice and  Shooting session
17:00- Post-production essentials
18:00 – Close

* Lunch is not included, but there is a great selection of  cafes and shops nearby on the King’s road such as West London’s best homemade food cafe “Megan’s”, Fulham Broadway organic food market, Costa Express, Thai Rice restaurant etc.

–  A DSLR camera ( bring your own wireless transmitter/receiver system, or you will be able to use a sync cable that will be provided in the studio) .
- Memory cards and batteries for your camera.
- A USB stick or any other memory device.
- Pen and paper to make notes if needed.
- Your questions. We are open to the dialogue.

PRICE: 125 £ . The Fee is payable in advance with the booking.
Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation in your inbox containing all the details about the workshop.
 We do not offer refunds on the workshops but we can offer a postponement.

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