Baby photographer in London

Every parent dreams of preserving the beautiful moments and innocence of their kid right from their infancy, so as to relish in future. Photographing babies is an amazing and a lovable task, however the photographer requires lots of patience to seek the best pose and quick reflexes to capture the right moment forever.  Double Vie photography Studio in London has a vast experience in Baby photography therefore ensures capturing of beautiful moments and different moods of your baby in studio or at a location of your choice. They not only provide a set of beautiful pictures, but also fantastic and funfilled memories of your baby to relish in future. For details or booking a shoot, visit

Fashion photographer in London

Fashion photography is devoted to display of clothing and other fashion accessories. Fashion photo shoot is conducted to aesthetically display the clothing and fashion accessories for an advertisement or publishing in fashion magazines. Fashion photography is a complex task and therefore requires a professional who is adapt in capturing every bit of aesthetics to project the beauty of the subject. Double Vie photography studio in London has the exposure of working as creative photographer and stylist in fashion industry, which gives them the experience to comprehensively understand the need of a designer or model agency. For Fashion photo-shoot, visit

The best Children photographer in London

Children are the greatest asset of a family and parents love to preserve the memories of their growing up. There are certain events and special days that parents want to immortalize through photographs. Innocence is the best part of childhood, which needs to be preserved. Any moment, which could be their innocent expression or a moment of childish prank, needs to be captured for relishing in future. A good Children photographer will allow the child to relax, play and be natural. Once the child is spontaneous, then the magic of photography begins and the memories are stored in beautiful pictures. For children photo-shoot, visit

Best Portrait photographer in London

Portrait photography is an art of capturing the personality of a person or a group of people by using effective poses, lighting and backdrops. A good Portrait photograph predominantly captures the face and its expression of the subject. A professional portrait photographer’s sole intent remains as to display the personality and the mood of the subject. Portraits are used for defining the person and hold a special place for its future generations. Portrait photography is categorised into Family and Corporate. Both have their individual purposes. While former is predominantly less formal and bears the story of genealogy of a family, while the later is set to give a formal representation of a person and used in a professional setting. For best portraits, contact

Event photographer in London

Regardless of whether it’s a trivial occasion or the greater ones, events of all stature hold a special status in anyone’s life and arranging to capture its memory is of prime importance for any organiser. The special events like Birthdays, Weddings, parties, award ceremonies, social gatherings and commercial events prompt for preservation of memories which can be best done by a professional event photographer. They capture every hue of that event from its very beginning and preserve the memories for cherishing in future. A good professional event photographer knows exactly which important moments need capturing and they precisely do that. For preserving you important event’s memories, contact

Wedding photographer London

Your wedding day is a day to treasure and remember for many years to come. Wedding photographer London and videos are a great way of remembering your special day and enjoying it all over again. A good set of Wedding photographer London is something that you, and your whole family, can look back on for years to come.
Double Vie are dedicated to unique, intimate wedding photography London. You are assured that they will capture beautiful shots of your wedding day which you can enjoy long after the cake’s been cut. Double Vie also offer portrait photographer London; perfect for a family shot after the wedding is over. Visit

Family photographer London

The new patterns in present day family photographer London incorporate the grown-ups as well as the kids particularly infants. Family photography London is getting a charge out of a blasting business with more photography sessions for babies and youngsters in London.
The rise of Family photography London today over the globe sets another pattern to family photographer London. Kid photography sessions to conventional family representations are exemplary photography drifts in London, where an extraordinary accentuation is set on solid family ties.
Double Vie is a professional photography London based in London specializing in sophisticated portraiture photography, children and family photographer London, fashion photography etc. Visit

Studio photographer London

Studio photographer London is an excellent shooting space leading the way in photo studio hire for clients looking for a reasonable space with all the right equipment. The black and white studio portraits London studio has inspiring surroundings that make the experience of shooting in this London photo studio something a little beyond the norm. There’s a lot of artwork on the walls of adjoining rooms, metal sculptures and a camera installation that makes you realise you are in the realm of photography heaven.

Double Vie is a professional photography London based in London specializing in sophisticated portraiture photography, children and family photographer London, fashion photography etc. Visit

Fashion catalogue photographer in London

Fashion photographer in London is a workmanship and mold photographic professional have helped fashioners offer their garments and things by taking great pictures of models wearing the garments and posturing in different positions at colorful areas. When yearning models and particularly those in London need to have their photos taken they typically get design photographic professional photographer in London take their photos. Pictures taken by mold picture takers have been known to impel the professions of a few models to bewildering statures.
Double Vie is a professional photography London based in London specializing in sophisticated portraiture photography, children and family photographer London, fashion photography etc. Visit