Maria. La vie en Vogue

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop” Gertrude Stein La Vie en Vogue is the ultimate photographic experience at Double Vie, where we invite you to co-create a very personal work of art – conceived, developed and starring you. This is an opportunity to let your imagination run free and be everything you ever wanted to be for a day – a Hollywood diva, a style icon on the cover of Vogue, a siren of the film noir or a high society girl frolicking in her mansion. Here you truly become the artist, the muse and the work of art. Sounds like a dream? Well, we promise nothing less than the most magical dreams becoming a reality. In fact, we dare you to dream, use your imagination and dive into the pool of visual inspiration you’ve been collecting without quite knowing what to do with it. Like a film or a photo in a magazine that instilled a longing in you to recreate a mood, a style, an image… Pearls, open neck and an elegant little black dress on a busy city street. Laughter over cocktails in a chic bar. Faded grandeur and couture gowns. Dancing barefoot in flowing silks… Whatever your story, together we will tell it with the cinematic quality it deserves. Like the best things in life creating great images take time. Unlike fast photography studios, at Double Vie we take time to prepare for each shoot and to perfect each image. It all starts with an initial meeting to discuss your ideas and inspirations. We welcome you to be as traditional or as creative as you like. Then we get to work preparing the shoot and putting together the best team to bring the concept to life. We are teaming up with the top of the industry’s fashion stylists that can work with your own wardrobe or prepare a selection of looks especially for your shoot. On the day our goal is make you comfortable so you can enjoy this wonderful experience in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. With a help of a professional make up artist you will feel like a movie star on a Hollywood set. With perfect make up, hair and outfit in place the magic of photography finally begins. We strive to make La Vie en Vogue experience as exciting and as memorable as possible. In the end you will not only have a set of beautiful images, but also memories of a luxuriously indulgent day that was all about you. La Vie en Vogue experience budget depends on the concept, team and location. Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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