First try then buy – Ultimate Trial Photoshoot Studio Experience!


First try then buy – Ultimate Trial Photoshoot Studio Experience! Double Vie – Concept Photography Boutique.
We are inviting you to try our unique photographic experience and to join us in a beautiful studio in Chelsea to explore the waves of creativity and beauty.
Only one day  - September the 9th- is the day we dedicated for those who love photography and who would like to try a professional studio shoot without loss for their pockets. Which, of course, is quite handy.
All you need is  to book a slot and let us know what time is the best for you.
The session will take just 10-15 minutes. On the day you will    arrive in our studio in Chelsea, the make up artist will do a light touch up and  our professional photography team will do a trial portraiture sessionwith you or your child. During the slot you can share your ideas with the photographer and create unique portraiture. If you don’t know what you want we will show you some inspiration. Don’t worry if you never been photographed in such a way before. It is very relaxed and  friendly experience in order to make a beautiful series of photographs. You will learn what the studio is about and how does it feel on the set with a wind machine blowing your hair. In the end you will have a selection of the best images from the session in high resolution ready to print.
Aim: This session is the best for those  who dream of doing a photoshoot but not sure yet or trying to find a best photographer do to that. Our trial price will suit any budget and you will get the same  high quality images as  we normally produce at the full rate.
Why not to bring your friends or come with the family? It will not take long and will inspire you and will leave beautiful images from the very special weekend.
Price: 30 pounds per slot ( per person being photographed. Payed in advance with the booking)